Saturday, October 13, 2012

Monster Days

We survived!

Have you had those days when every commitment and invitation occurs?  Today was one of those days for our family.  Morning swim practice, reffing a soccer game, soccer game, snack mom, college homecoming, swim meet, friend's Bat Mitzvah and another friend's Bar Mitzvah.  We whittled the list down (skipped homecoming, morning practice and the afternoon swim meet) and squeezed in some fun, low-keyed activities (hanging out with a neighbor kid, stopping by hubby's work to try the new menu and cocktails with some old friends) and a few parent-child connections.  Whew!

Why is it that "When it rains, it pours" is so true?  Or, do we choose to bring out the truth in that statement?  I think today's schedule was my choice.  I'm always trying to give my kids the opportunity to socially develop and seem to push aside my calm and sanity for that opportunity.  Looking at the list of events, I think that choice was OK for today.  We all had a good time and didn't feel the exhaustion until we settled back at home.  Again, whew!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow being catch-up, relaxation and family connections.  Maybe a little crafting, too.  :)

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