Monday, October 15, 2012

Crafting holiday gifts

When I was shopping for party shoes for my daughter, I saw these silver sandals.
I thought they were cute and they were discounted to the amazing price of $5.99.  I couldn't pass up the deal.  But, I didn't think the feathers were my daughter's style.  

So, I removed the feathers with my jewelry pliers and added fish hooks ($2.99 at Michael's).
My daughter passed by, as I worked on this.  She liked the feathers more as earrings than as sandal embellishments.   So, these will be holiday gifts for her friends.

I ended up with sixteen pairs of earrings and a pair of sandals.  Not bad for about $10 (we pay 9.25% sales tax in Santa Monica).

Have you begun your holiday gift crafting?


  1. You are so clever!! I love it! I haven't started any holiday crafting yet- but I hope to once these craft shows are behind me!

  2. What are you making for the craft shows? Thanks for stopping by.