Friday, October 12, 2012

Feature Friday

I finished the melted crayon and fabric flower project.  It was pretty easy and I think it turned out to be cute.  

I had seen melted Crayola crayon art on Pintrest and I knew it was something I could do.   Most of the ones I saw had the paper wrappers still attached.  I removed the wrappers, as I used any crayons we had (my kids had at least 6 different brands and many crayons were used).  I did purchase a box of Crayolas, to completely fill the bottom of the canvas.  Another alteration was using acrylic paint for the background.  Without the paper wrappers, I used KrazyGlue (the instructions I saw on Google called for hot glue) to attach the crayons to the canvas.  I turned the canvas upside-down, propped it against a lined (leftover vinyl tablecloth) wall, and melted the crayon with my embossing tool (you can also use a hairdryer -- it just takes longer).

Originally, I had wanted it to look like a meadow against the sky.  After I consulted my resident artist, I added the flowers, using Jessi's instructions at  The only change I made was to not iron the folded fabric, before gathering.  I used a batch of scraps from my daughter and some leftover buttons.  Since I wanted to use all of that scrap batch, I made quite a few and turned some of them into ornaments for our Christmas tree.

Have great weekend and Happy Crafting!

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