Friday, October 5, 2012


We have encouraged our kids to try a variety of activities -- dance, art, soccer, karate, baseball, basketball, lego club, drama, swimming.  And, we have seen their varying degrees of commitment.

My daughter is currently devoting much of her "free" time to swimming.  Competitive Swimming.
She usually swims 15 hours per week (which is enough to qualify her for a waiver from the PE class requirement) and competes every month.  She loves the workouts and rarely misses a practice.

Tonight, her middle school hosted a school dance.  She considered skipping it, to avoid missing a practice.  We encouraged her to re-consider.  Although we are proud of her work ethic and dedication,  we discussed how important it is to develop socially and to have fun with her school friends.  Plus, her brother is a student at the same school and was eager to attend this Hawaiian-themed event (she wasn't going to let him have all the fun).  So, she found the courage to ask to be excused from practice, bought her ticket to the dance, and dug out an outfit from her closet.

Even though they both were excited to go to the dance, you wouldn't believe how chatty they were when I picked them up.  I heard a recap of songs, who showed up, what everyone wore, which teachers chaperoned, what food was served, and how much fun it was (I had to keep my mouth shut and not say, "I told you!").

Here are my questions to you, tonight:
1.  How much do you guide your kids;
2.  how do you find a balance of school, activities, socializing and free time; and
3.  how do you find balance in your life?

Have a fun and relaxing weekend. 

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