Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melted Crayon Art

Have you seen melted crayon art?  A friend posted a photo of the rainbow version and I was inspired.  I googled and found a lot of images (sorry about no credits; I screen-short the images and forgot to note the authors).


The crayons are glued onto a painter's canvas and the wax is melted using a hair dryer or an embossing tool, encouraging either a drip or pooling effect. 
Here's what I've done.  I'm hoping to use some of my fabric scraps to make the flowers.  I'll post the finished project soon.
My daughter saw this WIP and has decided that she wants to make one for her room.  She's favoring the rainbow.  I also want to try the rainshower, the hearts and the poppies projects I saw on Google.  So many crafting ideas and so little time.  


  1. So cool!! My sisters have done this, but never with the 'extras'. I can't wait to see how this looks with your scraps as flowers. And I totally agree with you... So much crafting so little time. This Halloween season has been so inspiring for me. I need to start an actual written list of everything that I want to do.

    1. I started the flowers today -- see my Sunday Snippets.