Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Time

Yesterday, I wrote about taking time for myself.  Today, I'm listing the things I enjoy doing with my family:

1.  Singing to Pink, Train, and Lincoln Park;
2.  cooking;
3.  baking;
4.  playing Chinese Checkers, Loaded Questions; and Blokus; 
5.  crafting;
6.  watching YouTube videos (we especially like the U.S. Swim Team lip-syncing to Call Me Maybe and Gangnam Style); 
7.  watching Top Chef, Survivor, and The Great Food Truck Race;
8.  biking along the beach;
9.  playing tennis;
10. watching movies; and
11. trying new restaurants.


  1. Such a simple post, yest so thought provoking! I have never sat and thought about what we like to do as a family... and it actually kept me awake last night. Good motivation to be more intentional of time spent as a family - and not just co-existing.

    1. Melanie, I have a 'tween and a teenager, so I am trying to savour our family time. My friends keep telling me that those moments together will soon dwindle. I can't blame my kids for wanting to hang out with their friends (see my post titled "Balance").

      What does your family enjoy? Thanks for stopping by.