Friday, August 8, 2014

upcycling for my garden

In the spirit of Finish-it-Friday,  I completed a project for my garden.  I wanted to make a few shiny accents to place along my garden path, to add some interest and distract from my transitioning plants and plants thinning at the end of their season.  I saw a bunch of upcycling projects on pinterest.  I like the mosaic gazing balls, the glass totems and the colorful hanging pendants and chandeliers.  You can see my inspirations here 

I decided to use an old ceramic vase, some spray paint, heavy duty glue and pennies.  Simple materials, simple project.  Hahaha!  You may have seen the below photo in Sunday Snippets post, months ago.  I used E6000 glue to adhere the pennies to my painted vase.  That went so slowly that I only completed a few rows and stopped working on the project.

I had used the liquid glue, thinking that it would be able to stand up to all the moisture in the garden.  I switched to using my glue gun, to speed the process along and finish.  Let's hope it holds!

I'm glad that this one is completed.  I have a couple of other ceramic vases that need to be recycled and a bunch of leftover pennies, so I hope to make more of these.  

I guess the lesson for today is do what it takes to get the project done.  What projects have you recently completed?  Please share your ideas with me.

Happy crafting and have a wonderful weekend.

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