Monday, August 4, 2014

On My Wall

I start my week by reading Grace Lin's on my desk monday posts.  I like to see what she's reading, projects she working on, what inspires her, and what products she's using.

My intention for On My Wall is to show what I see, while I'm sitting at my desk.  I sit at my desk for a variety of activities..working at home, bill paying, catching up on TV shows on the internet, and of course, crafting.  I am trying to rotate what I have hanging (my office is small and I have very little wall space) and what I keep on my horizontal surfaces.

Today's piece is by one of my favorite artists, my daughter.  She made this line drawing in her middle school art class.  Actually, this is a photocopy of the original (my wall faces a window and I didn't want to fade the original).  I really like that she used different shapes and patterns for the background.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I see.

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