Monday, August 18, 2014

On my Wall

"On my Wall" for today is by another of my favorite artists, my Aunt Donna.  She painted this when she found out I was engaged, so I would have something to hang in my new home.  This is the third house it has hung in.  I love the colors and her mixture of watercolors and pastels.

Aunt Donna was a wonderful artist, crafter, mom, and listener.  We had lovely discussions about my hopes for my daughter and understanding how to raise my son (She had four sons and I came from a family of daughters).  She frequently told me, "Find what you think and feel.  You're smart and can make the right decision."  This is in my thoughts for many aspects of my life ... marriage, parenthood, careers, where to live, how to find something to enjoy.  Missing you Auntie Donna.   Thanks for all the inspiration.

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