Monday, October 7, 2013

Wanting to craft, but ...

It's the beginning of the week and I had so many crafting ideas.  But, I pushed those aside to tackle my office/craftroom organizing.  I worked on a couple corners and one wall.  I doesn't look like I accomplished much, but it looks a lot better.  Actually, sorting through so much stuff is probably more important that how pretty I can get it to look.

I was so impulsive that I didn't take any "before" photos, but we all have seen "Hoarders" and can imagine the disorderly piles of too much stuff.
I sorted through my supplies and works-in-progress.  I threw out a couple of bags of stuff that I kept for recycling/upcycling, but after a year of not doing anything with it, it's obvious where it really belonged.  Another couple of bags were placed in the donate and yard sale bins in our garage.  And, a pile of project instructions I had printed from the internet was placed in my recycled paper bin (I print drafts on the other side).

I was storing my projects in decorative shoe boxes, but I kept forgetting what was in each.  I changed my storage containers to clear ones and labeled as much as I could.  Like with like and only projects I will really work on.  So I hope...


I sorted through more photos and put them in project boxes.  I wish the photos and memorabilia were already in scrapbooks, but at least they are categorize.  I'm going to count it as progress.

I have weird corner bookshelves, behind the door. Even though it's not too visable, I feel like it needs to look somewhat pretty.   I'm trying to use the space to display my cameras, accessories and supplies.  I might have to find some framed photos and treasures to fill the side spaces.

Does anyone else have these kind of shelves?  How do you style the space?

Well, no crafting for me today.  But, some Monday Mania did get me to orgranize enough so I can craft soon.


  1. Hi, it's Shells from BlogtoberFest 2013 letting you know that you are the winner of the Giveaway pendant. Here's my email address, if you could get back to me with you address then I'll pop it in the mail. Thanks.

  2. You are SO organized with your crafts! I hope you start blogging again, Michelle!

    1. Thanks, Terri!

      You're so good at getting "stuff" to look pretty...any suggestions for my corner shelves?