Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I'm going to re-do my office/craftroom and this is definitely the place to start.  For the past ten years, I've "filed" my photos by throwing them into a couple of boxes.  They're in date order (sort of) and I've kept my kids' school and activity portraits separate from our family photos.  Actually, this isn't ten years of family photos;  this is about four years of family photos.  The family photos I've taken for the last ten years are either on my flash drive or still on the memory cards in our cameras. 

I started off by sorting the school projects, certificates and other memorabilia and filed them for each child.

 Then, I got the the school and activity portraits organized and safely house in a filing drawer.

More boxes and mini files used, to organize for future scrapbooking.  Much less overwhelming than the huge, chaotic file boxes, and I can actually imagine working on those scrapbooks.

The next step will be cutting up all those wallet photos (2002 to present!) and passing them along to our families.  Work-In-Progress is an understatement. 

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