Sunday, December 2, 2012

Valuing My Time

12/2/12 Reverb prompt:  What was your most significant expenditure in 2012?

I think my most significant expenditure this year was my time given for volunteer work.

It started out as an easy job.  A fellow mom had taken on a new responsibility and needed some help, probably for 2-3 weeks and in my spare time.  Sure, I could help.  I enjoy working with this parent, and the work was in my former field.  No problem.  Until we realized that the volume, scope, and duration kept suddenly increasing.  A few hours for a couple of weeks grew to almost daily attention for seven months.  We later lucked out ... she left the organization and a replacement was found to take over my work.

This experience has gotten me to realize that an expenditure is not only something given but also something taken from me (and my family).  This volunteer experience escalated so quickly that I didn't see how little time I was dedicating to my family.  Now that I've settled back into my routine, I have noticed more attention is available to my kids and husband, and many of my normal activities are less noticeable (no one needs to realize that the laundry is done and that the meals aren't such a chore).    

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