Monday, December 3, 2012

a wish

12/3/12 Reverb prompt:  What do you really wish for?

I'm going to be self-centered and choose two things:  I really wish for more patience and more appreciation.

Originally, I thought I would wish for more time, but my lack of time/rushing isn't my real problem.  I rush and don't see what's really important.  I need to take the time to be patient enough to really listen and I need to slow down to appreciate certain moments in my life.  


  1. What a good wish to have! With the Holiday season here, it's hard to remember to pay attention to what is really important in our lives. Being on bedrest for 2 weeks, then having a very quick and 'easy' delivery left me wanting to conquer the world when I got home from the hospital... but lessons have been learned, and I have slowed down and set my focus on my husband and babies! It's good to be back, hope all is well with you and wishing you plenty of peace and patience this Christmas!

    1. It's good to have you stop by. I'm sure your having wonderful moments enjoying your larger family. I hope you are able to wish something for yourself, this holiday season.

  2. I just watched "Tuesdays with Morrie". What took me so long to find this ?