Thursday, October 6, 2011

Did I get anything done today?

Do you ever lie in your bed and wonder, "Did I get anything done today?"  That's me, right now.  9:50pm and I can't put my finger on any productivity.

This morning was strictly catching-up.  I was scheduled to be at a fundraiser committee meeting, immediately following school drop-offs.  But, yesterday, we decided to forgo the meeting and update the committee via e-mail.  That should mean more time this morning, right?  No, it really meant that yesterday, I watched two weeks of NCIS and NCIS:LA episodes with my husband, visited blogs on the Blogtoberfest list, checked all of the pages of my FB friends and enjoyed looking through family photos on my flashdrive.  So, this morning was consumed by updating my fundraising files, returning phone calls, photographing my committee show-and-tell items, and then, finally e-mailing everthing that I would have had ready for that 8:30am meeting.  I finished my e-mails around noon.  "I'm Michelle and I'm a procrastinator."  "Hi, Michelle."

I did set-up my account to view my kids' grades and attendance records, drove my kids to their afternoon activities and fed my family.  Is that enough?  Why is it that I need to place my finger on something to feel a sense of accomplishment?  Will typing a blog count? 

What make you feel like you've had a productive day?

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