Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lady Bug Invitation

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday,  I'm sharing an invitation I made for my daughter's fourth birthday party.

I had seen a tutorial on Martha Stewart's television show (yes, I've been crafting that long) and I had to incorporate it in my party planning. I searched the web to find the video, but I think the tutorial is so old that it's buried too deep for my patience. 

Here's what I remember:  MS showed how to make a continuous, concentric pattern and cut the lacy pattern using an exacto knife.  She attached a string to the middle of the lacy design and glued the outer edge to a card front.

So, here's my card front.

You can sort of see circles cut into the red paper with the polka dots.  Those are the lacy design I cut with my exacto knife.  I attached a lady bug sticker, so the invitees would pull the string.  A couple of them didn't pull the string, but after a couple of days sitting upright, the weight of the sticker gave a tug at the paper cuts and revealed the "little LADY"..

The inside had the party details

This invitation was really fun to make.  I'm glad that I attached a photo of the "little LADY", as it's a great memory of her at the tender age of four.  I miss those cheeks.

Happy Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by.

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