Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thinking about the Holidays

Yesterday marked 100 days until Christmas and I started to think about the holidays.  Which gifts do I need to start making?  How will we decorate our home this year?  What supplies will I need so we can craft during the Thanksgiving break?  Will I get my act together so my husband can help me light the outside of our house?  I knew it was time to get started on some holiday projects.
I crocheted these for my nieces (soon to turn 4 and 1). 
I'm thinking these will also have some crocheted flowers attached, perhaps lavendar or teal.  I would also like to knit them sweaters to match, but that may be too ambitious (I've only knitted a couple of scarves).  Hmm, more thought needed.

Another project was starting the seeds for Christmas trees.  I have the help of a kit.

The seeds and peat moss are soaking now and will get transfered into the fridge for a month-long nap.  I hope we will have sun after that and see a little seedling by the holidays. 

Have you begun your holiday planning?

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  1. oh love the hats.. I have never seen one of those tree kits before. look foward to seeing the end result